Sika Deer Model Silicone Mold For Candle Soap Making Animal Series Fondant Cake Mold Clay Cement Chocolate Decoration Tools

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WE PROMISE: 100% Made of Food-Grade Silicone

(Tolerances on size and weight are permissible)

* Oven and freezer safe


* Reusable, Non-stick, Easy to use, Easy to clean

* Suitable for cake mold / chocolate mold / jelly mold , etc.

* Temperature: -76°F to +662°F (-60°C to +350°C)



                         Product Detail Presentation                                                                


100% food grade silicone                                                                                



The product is  non-toxic ,tasteless and will not yellow.                                                                                


This product can directly contact human skin.                                                                                


Cold and heat resistant -76°F to +662°F (-60°C to +350°C).                                                                            



Unique shape                                                                                


The detail of the mold is clear and meticulous.                                                                                


The finished product can be easy to taken out.                                                                            


Product quality                                                                                

This product is soft and flexible

Can be used multiple times and has a long service life.                                                                                


Tensile and torsion resistant,no defromation,no cracking.                                                                            


Product model and size                                


Product model:S0545XL                                                            


Product model:S0546XL                                                                



Product model:S0547XL                                                                



Product model:S0548XL                                                                




1. Prepare enough raw materials                                                

2. Cutting the mold (we cut some molds that are difficult to remove the finished product. If we have not cut them, please do not perform steps 2-4 and jump directly to step 5)                                                

3. After cutting                                                

4. Wrap the mold with rubber bds                                                

5. Pour in the prepared raw materials                                                

6. Wait for enough time to remove the rubber band on the mold                                                

7. Remove the finished product from the mold                                                


8. New finished products                                                


1. Each mold will vary in size and size depending on the model. When purchasing our products, please determine the size of the product before deciding whether to place an order.                                                

2. This product is cold resistant and resistant to high temperatures -76°F to + 662°F (-60°C to +350°C). Please do not exceed the scope of use.                                                

3. Before using the mold, wash it with water to remove surface dust. This product is made of food grade silicone and can also be cleaned with hot water.                                                

4. When cleaning the mold, wipe it with a soft cloth. Do not use rough surfaces such as steel balls.                                                

5. After cleaning the mold, return it to the ventilated area.                                                

6. If it is not used for a long time, it should be sealed and stored in a cool place to prevent rain and sun.                                                

7. Avoid contact with condensation type silicone rubber vulcanizing agent during operation.