Chinese Hand Forged Wok Pan, Traditional Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Pow Wok with Bamboo Handle and Steel Helper Handle Non-stick

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Products Description:

Hand Hammered Chinese Iron Wok
Size: 32cm/34cm/36cm
Weight: 1.5kg - 1.7kg


As black iron oxide would form on a steel surface when heated to HIGH temperatures, which is less reactive, more stable and adheres well with oils. When well-oiled, the oil incorporates in the black iron oxide surface on the steel; this provides a non-reactive coating that protects the steel. That's what we called 'season the wok'. What you need is a successful 'seasoning' and a correct cooking and maintain habit.

How to Season the steel wok'

STEP 1: Clean the steel wok and get the NAKED steel.

a. You MUST strip all this oil off, to expose the bare steel surface.
b. Now use a scouring pad and go at it with detergent.
c. Scrub, and rinse. Take a clean paper towel and rub the surface dry.
d. If paper towel still gets black, then scrub more. You want NAKED steel, with no oil on it.

STEP 2: Heating to HIGH temperature and get the blue steel.Move the wok very slowly until get entire wok get blue.

STEP 3: Cool the wok and oil it.

How to maintain

Rule 1: Never use abrasives (like a steel scrub) on the surface.
Rule 2: Never use a detergent to clean the wok except for the first time use detergent to clean the unseasoned wok. Only use hot water to clean the wok.
Learn more about the 'Maintain and clean' the wok, you can be found on the internet.