Anti-scalding Non-stick Coffee Milk Pot Mini Food Supplement Cup Suitable For All Stove

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Bullet Points:

1、Healthy Kitchen Utensils: The product is made of high-quality ceramic coating to provide you with healthy 

     and safe kitchen utensils. 

     The pot is non-stick and easy to clean.

2、Safety Guarantee: The handle has anti-scalding effect, so it is safe during use. 

     It can quickly make a cup of strong coffee in the morning, so that you can feel refreshing for the whole day.

3、Small Size: The product can be convenient for the baby to make complementary food. 

     The small size is just right for the baby's required amount with no waste.

4、Cleaning Note: When cleaning, just use a soft sponge or rag to easily remove the oil stains. 

     Please do not use a steel ball to clean the pot, otherwise it will damage the ceramic coating.

5、Easy to Carry: The product is small and light for easy to carry out. Can be placed on the induction cooker to heat.


1. Name: Anti-scalding Non-stick Coffee Pot

2. Size(about):

A: Length 22.5cm/8.86in; Diameter 9cm/3.54in; Height 8cm/3.15in

B: Length 23.5cm/9.25in; Diameter 10cm/3.94in; Height 9cm/3.54in

C: Length 24.5cm/9.65in; Diameter 11cm/4.33in; Height 10.5cm/4.13in

3.Material: ceramic coating

Packing List:

1 * Small Milk Pot