36CM High Quality Woks Chinese Iron Wok Traditional Handmade Iron Wok Non-stick Pan Non-coating Gas Cooker Cookware

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High-quality healthy iron pan traditional hand-made iron pan non-stick pan uncoated gas stove induction cooker
Handmade, uncoated and healthier, 1.4 billion people use them
Beech handle
Three different sizes:
32 cm, suitable for family dining
34 cm, suitable for a family of 6
36cm 8 people
Please note: The new iron pan itself is the primary metal color of the photo. When you need to use high temperature grease for the first time, the Chinese word is: open the pot

New wok. A heat treatment is required before use, otherwise it will rust.
The processed iron pan is dark blue and is not prone to rust. We will complete it for you before sending the package for free, because this is a manual operation, so the color of the pot will be deviation, please understand


The skilled blacksmith hits thousands of times with a hammer before the texture appears.

The original color of the wok,
Can not be used directly, because it will rust

The color you received 
can be used directly
Please clean it thoroughly before use.
Due to manual operation, the color will have some errors, please understand