10cm Multi-colors Cast Iron Enamel Stew Pot

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Item: Cast iron enamer pot Material: cast iron Coating: enamel Diameter: 10cm Height 6.5cm Weight: 1kg Features: Heavy body uniformly heated it can maximize keep the nutrition of food Microwave oven cannot be used Note for enamel pot:  1. The first time use this products please wash it carefully with warm water and neutral detergent. 2.Use neutral or special lotion products daily to prolong its service life. 3. Avoid sudden temperature changes. When the temperature of the pot is high, it is not easy to immediately pour cold water or put the pot in cold water to prevent the enamel layer from falling off. 4. Avoid excessive heating. This product has extremely strong thermal conductivity. Heating at high temperature will overheat the pot. It is recommended to use medium-low heat. 5. Wipe clean as soon as possible after use, and put it in a ventilated place, do not put it in a damp place for a long time. 6. Excessive bumps are strictly prohibited to prevent damage to the enamel layer. 7. Use wooden or silicone spatula as much as possible, avoid using metal shovel and steel ball, so as not to scratch the enamel and affect the service life of the pot. 8. As the enamel pot is made of sand mold, a lot of gas will be generated when the molten iron is poured into the mold, so the finished product may have trachoma pores and so on. The enamel pot layer is sprayed upside down, so Some silver-gray iron is exposed, not a quality problem. After cleaning, apply vegetable oil on the pot mouth to prevent rust. 9. The lid of the modeling pot is a complex and irregular structure. During the firing process, uneven gravity will be generated, which causes a certain gap between the body and the lid. This is normal and does not affect the use. If you mind the above situation, please considered carefully when buy it.